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5 Latest Anime Watch (Movies and Series)

Anime is life; this is something that Anime Fans like myself say. Jokes aside, finding the greatest app to watch anime for free can be a difficult chore; but, don't worry since we are here to assist you. Though there are numerous applications for watching anime, the most of them demand a premium subscription. In this article, we discussed the best app for watching and streaming anime.

Crunchyroll is number one.

Crunchyroll is perhaps the best software to watch anime; this little baby has got so many anime that you won't be able to take it. The platform is so popular among fans that it has its own award show, which determines the year's greatest anime. That app will not disappoint you with an outstanding selection of old anime to the most recent anime.

In terms of user interface, the app provides a really seamless app experience. You can also save shows to a watchlist and watch them later. The only difficulty is that the software is not available worldwide, therefore you might have to get it via a third-party app.

2. Netflix

Netflix is the only place to watch everything you want; it's a one-stop shop for anime shows. Netflix, unlike Crunchyroll, does not have a large collection of anime; nevertheless, it does contain some of the top anime shows that you would like watching.

Furthermore, Netflix is collaborating with many anime production houses, which have realized many great in-house anime that fans have enjoyed, such as Altered Carbon, B: the Beginning, Baki, Castlevania, Dorohedoro, Dragon's Dogma, and many others. This does not come cheap, but with the new Netflix subscription plan, you can watch anime for for Rs. 149. Moreover, it will give you the feature to download and view anime.

3. Anime Funimation

Another specialized best anime app where you can watch anime for free is the Funimation app. The nicest feature about this app is that it contains a vast database of English dub anime, so if you prefer dub over sub, this might be the best option for you. The app is currently only available in a few countries, and there is no defined schedule for when it will be available globally.

The app's user experience is decent; but, for an app with a user base of 10 million, it falls short.

4. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is yet another famous anime streaming program among enthusiasts. It features a good UI and a good choice of anime that should satiate your anime cravings. The nicest aspect about this software is that it is free, and you can watch free anime on it; unfortunately, the viewing resolution is limited to 480p. You may also download anime offline and screencast it to your TV without any problems.

5. Amazon Prime Video

I wouldn't call Amazon Prime Video the finest anime streaming app; nonetheless, they have a little selection that is quite adequate. Prime Video may have the nicest user interface, second only to Netflix, and a large selection of anime series and movies to watch. Some well-known anime include Full Metal Alchemist, Vinland Saga, and others.

Amazon's Prime video site currently lacks any original Japanese anime shows; however, they do offer some American animation original episodes worth watching.

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