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How to Record Video Calls (Skype, LINE, BBM, WhatsApp, etc.) on Android

How to record video calls on Android using Skype, LINE, BBM, WeChat, and WhatsApp. All social media platforms, including LINE, Skype, BBM, We Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many others, now offer the ability to make video calls. All Applications - Users of smartphones, tablets, and PCs can make free video calls using these applications.

Everyone can communicate with one another via video calls just as if they were in person. A complex function that combines sound and video is called a "Video Call" (pictures). However, it is true that video conversations consume up a lot of data because speech and video demand more data than simply loading text or regular web pages.

Regarding video calls, I will discuss how to record video calls on an Android phone this time. You may actually record video calls using a variety of programs, including Skype Auto Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder, Call Graph Toolbar, and SCR Screen Recorder Free. For the purposes of this article, however, I will use the AZ Screen Recorder software to demonstrate how to record a video conversation. The review below has more information.

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to record video calls.

The free Android screen recorder app AZ Screen Recorder may, of course, record the actions you are performing on your Android screen. Using the AZ Screen Recorder application, you may record all of your screen-related activities, including video calls as well as streaming, gaming, talking, creating tutorials, and more. You can use this application on Android both with and without root, so relax. However, make sure that your Android device has enough RAM to execute two applications before using this software. Because video calls and recording require a lot of RAM. Please follow the instructions below to follow the tutorial on how to record it.

  1. Installing the AZ Screen Recorder app after downloading it from the Google Play Store is the first step. To download, click the following link: Utilize the Google Play Store to download AZ Screen Recorder.
  2. then click the "Settings" icon after launching the application.
  3. Set the frame rate, video quality, pause before recording, and other options. In that case, click "Start."
  4. You can start a video call with your pals on Skype, BBM, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. after the recording process has begun.
  5. You can browse to the notification area and hit the "Stop" button to end the recording process.
  6. In your Android Gallery, you may watch and listen to recorded videos.
  7. Finished.

There are more applications besides AZ Screen Recorder that you can use to capture video calls. You can view some of the list of applications below for additional information.

  • In order to record ongoing video calls on Skype, BBM, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp, and other services, SCR Screen Recorder Free, an Android screen recorder app, can be used. You must first root your Android smartphone in order to utilize this program.
  • A free Android screen recorder app called Free Screen Recorder can record live video calls in excellent quality. The application allows you to record your screen while playing games, watching videos, and other activities in addition to making video calls. Applications can be run on Android both with and without root.
  • You can use the Android software N0-Root Record Screen to Video to record the video call you are now on. Naturally, it will result in a rather excellent video quality with a reasonably decent recording quality, specifically the ability to capture 24 frames for 1 second. As the name implies, you can use Android to run this program with or without root access. If you want to give it a shot, you may get it without cost from the Google Play Store.
  • Etc.

I hope this brief overview of How to Record Video Calls on Skype and BBM Android was useful and informative. Please use the comments section below to add to or ask questions if you have any.

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