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The 5 Best Comic Maker

Making a comic or graphic novel with your children is a lot of fun for everyone. It's an excellent technique to promote children's creativity and gain insight into their thoughts. There are also some wonderful educational advantages.

Every youngster is an artist. They draw, play, and utilize their extraordinary imaginations to create imaginary worlds and characters that are humorous, strong, or downright ridiculous. A comic strip is a fresh way for them to express themselves through graphics and words. In this list, you'll see that we've included websites and apps for creating comics. This is the simplest method for creating comic books.

When you teach your children how to make a comic strip, a medium in which it is OK for your art to appear silly, imperfect, or childlike, you are nurturing their creativity and imagination before it is stamped out. Without your children realizing it, making comics might help them develop a love of reading and improve their handwriting.

Here is a list of the finest comic creation apps and graphic novel applications for kids that will allow them to write, draw, and publish their own comics.

1. Pixton

Pixton is an interactive comic creation software platform that provides teachers and students with a one-of-a-kind means to create comic book storyboards utilizing avatars, backgrounds, text, and themes to be shared inside the classroom, and is regarded by some as the greatest comic making app.

Users can investigate subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, History, English, and Art. Choose images from popular content, books, and movies such as The Hunger Games and The Outsiders, as well as other themes such as the solar system, black history, and the environment, all of which are Common Core aligned. This is an artist-created comic strip website.

2. Comics Head

Comics Head is a great, all-inclusive comic creation software that is suitable for children aged 8 to 18 and is regarded by some as the best comic making app. Students today are well-versed in graphic novels, comic books, and cartoons, and our Next Wave Multimedia comic maker program provides a creative composing chance employing these aspects. This comic maker software, with different layouts, dozens of props, text possibilities, customization tools, and sharing features, can be used across the curriculum to design amusing instructive comics or professional narrative boards, making it one of the best free applications for kids.

The Asset shop allows users to download hundreds of new images from a wide library, including Sci-Fi, more animal expressions, silhouettes, food, objects, symbols, more character expressions, and textures.

3. Book Creator

Looking for a comic book and graphic novel creation app? Making your own comic book is simple using Book Creator. Book Creator includes comic book templates. Panels, stickers, interesting backdrops, and comic text can all be added. Some comic styles (such as comic text and speech bubbles) are included in the regular Book Creator choices. However, if you want the entire range of comic styles, you must first open a comic template. On this simple app, students create comic book-style stories and color pages.

Platforms: Use Chromebooks, Windows laptops/PCs, Apple devices such as iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs, as well as other brands of handheld devices such as Chrome tablets, Android tablets, or Surface tablets.

4. Comic Life

Comic Life is a comic creation program that can be used to produce the comic book by either beginning from scratch or from one of the templates. Photos, shapes, text, and voice bubbles can be readily added and adjusted to each user's preferences. Many of the fonts available are identical to those found in commercially published comic books, which adds to the realism. When the comic books are finished, there will be numerous ways to share them. To name a few options, they may be printed, saved to the camera roll, copied to other iOS devices, or saved as a PDF and opened in iBooks, which is why some people consider this the finest comic maker software.

5. Comic Strip It! pro

Comic Strip It! is an easy-to-use comic strip and graphic novel creator for kids. You can instantly create fascinating comic strips and story boards anywhere you are. Use images from your collection or take new photos directly into your comic strip, then position, resize, and rotate each frame to make the most of it.

Enhance the story with captions, titles, speech balloons, and so on. Apply picture effects* to each frame to give it a comic-book feel, then publish on all of your social media networks. Fans of comic noir will enjoy our new noir effects!

Use this comic creation app to create humorous comic strips of strange things you do, step-by-step how-with to's photos and text descriptions, Storyboards and captioning images, and annotated memes.

6. Canva

Canva for EDU gives students so many chances to express themselves in new and creative ways. In a variety of circumstances, comic strips can be a fun and creative approach to tell a fictitious story, demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction subject, or share ideas. Teachers and students can start from fresh with Canva for EDU and choose from thousands of graphical elements such as speech bubbles, characters, facial expressions, backgrounds, and much more.

Students can use this comic strip maker to tell their story using characters, dialog bubbles, and objects. Students begin by deciding how many panels they want in their comic layout. Students can print their comic after adding characters, props, and text.

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