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Tips for Overcoming Android Smartphones Can't be Chargered

Tips for Dealing with Can't Charge or Won't Charge Android Phones. I had experienced the same issue with my smartphone not being able to be charged. My fear at the moment was that my USB port had been broken, but it turned out that the Power Adapter had been damaged instead. Suddenly, I was bewildered.

Why Can't I Charge My Android Phone?

Not being able to charge their smartphones is one of the problems that confuses and frustrates smartphone owners. Maybe it doesn't matter if there are other issues, like an application error, Facebook not opening, or other issues. However, if the phone cannot be charged, this will undoubtedly be a major issue. Why? Since you are unable to use the phone or access the internet if the battery dies, your smartphone is essentially rendered useless.

One of the problems that smartphone users frequently consider is a damaged charger. However, if you haven't checked, you can't be certain. You shouldn't jump to conclusions because of this.

There are a number of reasons why smartphones can't be charged, including defective chargers, dust-filled ports, and particular software that has bugs. There are several solutions you can try if your Android smartphone won't charge. And now for the advice.

1. Start your Android phone again.

Restarting Android is the first thing that all smartphone owners can perform. Restarting the smartphone will allow the malfunctioning Android system to function normally once more. Sometimes the approach is really successful, and charges can resume as usual.

You cannot use this method if your smartphone has no power at all.


2. Verify the USB cable and port

Verify the USB Port: Your Android smartphone and the charger are connected by the USB port. Verify that your port is in good shape and is not bent. Additionally, see whether any dust is entering the port. If there is, clean it with cotton swabs or a toothpick. Cleaning it requires caution because this area is quite delicate.

Look over the USB cable: Is your USB cable in good shape, free from peeling and cuts? This shouldn't be a problem if it's still in decent shape.

If your smartphone can be charged by connecting a USB cable from your computer to it, the USB cable is still in good shape. If it cannot be charged, the USB cable has to be replaced.

3. Verify the power adapter

You should also check the Power Adapter in addition to the USB port and cord. Make sure there is no dust or other obstruction inside the plug. To avoid damaging the inside, use cutty buds or other small, supple items to clean.

To see if the smartphone can be charged, try using a different adaptor. Use a USB cable as well that is in good condition and working properly. If other adapters can enter, your adapter is unquestionably damaged, but if other adapters cannot enter either, your smartphone is most likely also broken.

4. Purchase brand-new

The last resort in a damaged adapter situation is to purchase a new charger. Make sure the charger you select has the same charging capabilities and is an original.

Some smartphone users fall prey to fake products, resulting in the charger exploding and becoming useless. For this reason, even if all chargers may charge the battery, their capabilities still vary, so you must be careful while selecting one. In order to avoid problems in the future, you should select the same charger that you previously used.


Check the cables, adapters, ports, and plug-ins. If there is absolutely no issue with this component, but the charger still cannot be charged, it's possible that the component within the adapter machine is broken. A new charger can be purchased.

So there you have it, a quick overview of how to fix Android smartphones that won't charge. I hope the advice above can be of use to you. Please use the comments section to ask questions or to submit content.

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